Project Description

/ Private visit of the Louvre Museum

Visite Louvre Stand Speak Rise Up!

On January 25, 2024, friends of Stand Speak Rise Up! met up for a private visit of the Louvre Museum. They were accompanied by TRH the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, Stéphane Bern and Chékéba Hachemi. The aim of the event was to support the association’s activities.

From the Victory of Samothrace to the Mona Lisa, our friends and donors admired art through the ages. “We see the reconstruction of lives torn apart by atrocities… which art has often depicted and denounced,” emphasized HRH the Grand Duchess before the visit. She made the connection with the struggle and resilience of the Survivors supported by Stand Speak Rise Up!

Pieces that resonate with today’s struggles

The visit began with a warm welcome and a presentation of the museum’s major works. The Victory of Samothrace impressed with its majesty. The Mona Lisa captivated with its enigmatic smile. Each piece told its own story, often marked by hardship.

Our guests were able to appreciate the beauty of art, but also to reflect on its role in denouncing injustice. The visit to the Louvre was a highlight, combining admiration and reflection.

The visit ended with a moment of exchange and sharing at the Café Marly. This was an opportunity to thank our valued donors for their commitment. Their support is essential in the fight against sexual violence against women in armed conflicts, a cause that is unfortunately still very much alive.

Many thanks to our friends for their loyalty and commitment. Their support is vital in the fight against wartime rape. Stand Speak Rise Up! continues to fight for Survivors. Thanks to them, we are moving forward together towards a fairer world.

This day at the Louvre was not just a cultural visit. It was also a testament to solidarity and determination. Together, we can make a difference and bring hope to those in need. Thank you all for your unfailing support and for standing by us in this crucial battle.