Project Description

Raising awareness of sexual and gender-based violence in Leer County

2020, Leer County, in partnership with Hope Restoration South Sudan (HRSS) / United Nations

Survivantes Soudan du Sud


Hope Restoration South Sudan currently runs two centers for women and girls, one in the Temporary Protection Area (TPA) in Leer, the other in the town of Leer in South Sudan. The Leer TPA center accommodates a total of 125 women and 70 girls. This number is growing daily. The centers provide care for Survivors of sexual violence through counseling sessions, formal education, vegetable growing and cultural activities. They also provide clothing, sanitary protection and school supplies for those still in school. Women and girls in the town of Leer are also committed to economic empowerment.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reduced the number of visits to these centers. Cases of sexual violence have increased due to insecurity and lack of food. Consequently, one of the major problems facing women is access to quality essential health services. It is also essential to be able to raise awareness of sexual violence throughout the community.

150 South Sudanese Survivors supported


The aim of this project is to help reduce the impact of sexual violence on the physical and mental health of women and girls. It also aims to strengthen the capacity of existing health services in Leer County. The aim is therefore to ensure greater responsiveness to the needs of Survivors.

The project is based on the following actions:

  • Providing psychosocial assistance through individual consultations
  • Providing PEP kits (HIV post-exposure prevention kits) to survivors of sexual violence.
  • Organize radio broadcasts to raise awareness of protection measures for victims of sexual violence, and how they can access medical assistance.
  • Conduct three awareness campaigns on sexual violence