Project Description

Mask production at PANZI Hospital

April 2020, Bukavu, Sud-Kivu, in partnership with Guilde du Raid and PANZI Foundation 


During the Covid-19 pandemic, the risk of contamination and spread was great for both nursing staff and the Survivors and civilians cared for at Panzi Hospital. The Panzi Foundation shared with Stand Speak Rise Up! the urgent need for 100,000 masks. These could be produced by Maison Dorcas Survivors of sexual violence, trained in a variety of trades, including sewing.

→ 100 000 masks produced


The aim of this project is to capitalize on the expertise of women Survivors of sexual violence in this conflict zone by supporting them in the production of top-quality masks. This not only limits the spread of the virus in rural areas, but also offers economic autonomy to the Survivors.