Project Description

Vocational training and psychosocial support

January 2023, in partnership with Sant’ Egidio Cuba

projet Cuba SSRU


Cuba is a land that has been torn apart for decades. War, embargo, poverty, lack of housing, travel restrictions, lack of medicines and the list goes on. Many children in Havana’s neighborhoods are left to fend for themselves, spending much of their time on the streets. Likewise, women and girls are vulnerable to sexual and domestic violence. Teenage pregnancies are also unfortunately commonplace.

Adolescents are particularly vulnerable, as are women who live in isolation and know little or nothing of the outside world. This is why Sant’Egidio Cuba is committed to working with the poor community of Havana’s old town, helping teenagers and women to rebuild their lives.

→ 550 direct beneficiaries (women and adolescents)


Stand Speak Rise Up! has teamed up with Sant’Egidio Cuba to support teenagers and women living in Havana’s neighborhoods. The project is divided into three main areas:

  • Professional training for women in entrepreneurship (creation of an artisanal market)

Under this heading, women are given entrepreneurial training to develop their skills, talents and abilities in the field of handicrafts. Particular emphasis is placed on the upcycling of everyday objects into contemporary decorative items, while preserving traditional Cuban craft techniques and textile traditions. The course also covers business management (accounting, inventory management, etc.). Ultimately, a craft market will be created, showcasing the skills acquired during the training courses, and generating a source of income enabling the women to become economically independent.

  • Psychological support for young people and awareness of human relations

Aims to contribute to the healthy development of children and teenagers by providing them with the technical and didactic tools they need to progress towards their own goals. An emphasis on non-violence towards women is also promoted.

  • Psychological support for women, dance therapy

Dance therapy is a movement therapy that releases emotions, blockages and traumas. It’s an emotional journey through the senses and the body. During the session, women close their eyes and move slowly. They are also accompanied by the therapist’s voice and special music. The person is also free to move freely during the session. It’s not choreographed, which requires the mind, so control is possible.

Thanks to the L’Oréal Fund for Women for their invaluable support.