Project Description

Support of the schooling of a child born from war rape

Scholar year 2021-2022, in partnership with We are Not Weapons of War

Education d'une enfant née du viol


The NGO We are NOT Weapons of War (WWoW) is dedicated to eliminating conflict-related sexual violence and encouraging the reintegration of survivors. WWoW supports Mildred Mapingure, a survivor of sexual violence in Zimbabwe, through the “Foster a Survivor” programme. This initiative supports and accompanies survivors of war rape throughout the world.

WWoW has helped Mrs Mapingure to set up a livestock farm so that she can become self-sufficient. The association has also supported her in the schooling of her daughter, a child born of wartime rape.


Stand Speak Rise Up! supports Mildred Mapingure with her daughter’s schooling, so that Mrs Mapingure can devote herself to her livestock farming business. On the one hand, thanks to this project, her daughter will be able to receive the quality education her mother so earnestly desires for her. Secondly, it will enable Mildred Mapingure to become financially independent by devoting herself to her professional activity. She can then provide for herself and her daughter.