Project Description

Economic empowerment and support for survivors of wartime sexual violence

Start of the project :  2020. In partnership with Forgotten Children of War.

Aide aux Survivantes en Bosnie-Herzégovine


The Forgotten Children of War organization is the voice of the most innocent victims: children born of wartime sexual violence. Its mission is to ensure access to quality education, adequate social protection, psychological support and employment opportunities. Forgetten Children of War also fights for the understanding and protection of the rights of children born of wartime rape.

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic caused a slowdown in economic activity. This situation particularly affects women, who make up the predominant workforce in widely affected economic sectors such as hotels, catering, tourism, hairdressing, floristry and retail.

During the pandemic, an increase in the number of victims of domestic violence was observed. Women who had survived wartime rape suffered a new trauma. This left them feeling fearful and unpredictable. By enabling women to work, we also offer them the power to leave a situation of violence and be able to provide for themselves.

50 Bosnian Survivors supported


The project provided support for the economic empowerment of Survivors of wartime sexual violence. Stand Speak Rise Up! was able to provide direct assistance in the form of the purchase of certain agricultural tools and machinery. This enabled the women to work again and become economically stable. Stand Speak Rise Up! also provided direct assistance to a Survivor of a refugee camp in Tuzla by purchasing building materials for her house.

In 2021, Stand Speak Rise Up! continued this project by supporting the Survivors in their production and marketing of artisanal fruit juices. The aim was to promote women’s entrepreneurship and economic empowerment, as well as to reduce poverty and discrimination. The project was implemented locally by the Zvijezda association, in partnership with Forgotten Children of War. The juices are sold in the tourist resort of Zaruđe, in the municipality of Vareš.


Ajna Jusic, porteuse du projet

Ajna Jusić

A woman Survivor who was staying in the Mihajlovići refugee camp in Tuzla has moved into her house with her children. FINALLY! After 25 years in a refugee camp, this is the first step towards improving access to a dignified life for Survivors.