Project Description

/ Support of the schooling of a child born from war rape in Zimbabwe

Year school 2021-2022
In partnership with We are Not Weapons of War

Context :
We are not Weapons of War ( WWoW ) is an NGO that works to eliminate conflict-related sexual violence and supports the reintegration of survivors. WWoW notably supports Ms. Mildred Mapingure , a survivor of sexual violence in Zimbabwe, through its “Foster a Survivor” program, a support and accompaniment program for survivors of war rape. WWoW helped Mrs. Mapingure to create his breeding farm project in order to empower herself, and also supported her in the schooling of her daughter, born of war rape.

The project :
Stand Speak Rise Up! supports Mildred Mapingure in her daughter’s schooling for one year, so that Mrs. Mapingure can devote herself to her breeding activity while allowing her daughter to receive the education she wishes for her.