Project Description

/Support for the education of children and adolescents born of rape in Uganda

February 2023 – December 2026, Uganda, in partnership with Golden Women Vision in Uganda

Context :

Conflict-related sexual violence is a major feature of armed conflict and political upheaval in Uganda, with devastating consequences for the victims. As in many other conflicts, sexual violence is used as a weapon of war in Uganda to systematically target civilians, inflict suffering on communities and destroy social harmony. Sexual violence has serious physical, psychological and socio-economic impacts on victims, yet there has been limited progress in redressing or mitigating these harms.

The project :

The objective is to combat the exclusion and stigmatisation of children born of rape and to offer them more prospects for their future by financing the education of children born of rape for four years.

The project includes a “mentorship” component, with visits by the association’s delegates to the children’s schools to monitor and coach the children, the idea being to check that they are not encountering any difficulties and to encourage them to continue their efforts to attend school.