Project Description

/Collaboration on the project “Back Up” of We are NOT Weapons of War

In March 2019, during the Forum, the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess Foundation commits to Céline Bardet and the association We are NOT Weapons of War to set up the “BackUp” application.
“BackUp” is a digital tool that allows victims to report, to provide information on what they have suffered, and to request assistance when possible, depending on the specific context.
The tool, developed by a Luxembourg company (InTech), is presented in the form of a link containing a simple questionnaire that the victim must fill in, all relevant elements are entered and as soon as the report is completed, all data disappears from the device used, to ensure maximum privacy.
This data is collected by We are NOT Weapons of War, and analysed by a team of specialists by listing facts, geographical data, and victim and perpetrator information. As the safety of the victims is paramount, the data is stored using a special protection technology system. This evidence can then be used for legal purposes in court proceedings.
When the context allows it, the care of the victims is ensured by a network of local associations and public institutions, with whom We are NOT Weapons of War is in direct and permanent contact. These local entities provide medical, psychological, and legal support to the victim, according to his or her request.
Stand Speak Rise Up! supports We are NOT Weapons of War to cover the costs of analysing the data received through the digital tool, the remuneration of focal points in the field, the emergency assistance fund for victims reporting and requesting help, and the costs of coordination with partners in the field.
The project was launched in 2019 thanks to funding from the Business partnership facility (BPF), which, as a reminder, is a financing facility initiated and financed by the Luxembourg State through the Luxembourg Cooperation that aims to promote partnerships between a Luxembourg company (Intech) and European partners (We are Not Weapons of War). The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess Foundation also awarded a grant to We are NOT Weapons of War on the occasion of the 2019 Stand Speak Rise Up Forum.
In March 2022, the application is deployed urgently in the context of the war in Ukraine and still requires financial support for its development, maintenance and the field monitoring it implies.