Project Description

Supporting Survivors during the Covid-19 pandemic in Uganda

Starting : June 2021, in partnership with Golden Women Vision in Uganda

Ouganda projet soutien Survivantes


Since the 1980s, the infamous Lord’s Resistance Army has been committing the worst atrocities. As everywhere, women are the first victims and their bodies become battlefields.

Golden Women Vision in Uganda (G.W.V.U) aims to support the most vulnerable survivors of war rape in Uganda. The organization’s main areas of action revolve around health, education, livelihoods, human rights, access to justice and gender issues.

In 2020, Covid-19 increased the level of vulnerability of Survivors of sexual violence and younger war-affected people. Immediate support was needed to prevent the development of chronic trauma as a result of war, gender-based violence and the Covid-19 pandemic.

350 households supported


In 2020, this Survivor Support Project in Uganda aimed to provide multi-faceted support to 150 of the most vulnerable households in Gulu and Omoron, in the north of the country. Isolated, they were severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. G.W.V.U provided local support by raising awareness of barrier gestures. With the support of Stand Speak Rise Up! the association trained Survivors to produce liquid soap. It was also able to provide food and medical assistance to those in need.

In view of the needs, Stand Speak Rise Up! has continued this project into 2021. 200 additional households directly affected by the pandemic were supported.


Sylvia Acan

Sylvia Acan

In the storm of COVID-19, the light of Stand Speak Rise Up guided us. Liquid soap cleansed not only hands, but hearts. It saved the lives of vulnerable men and women during containment. Together, we’re forging a future of strength and resilience.