Project Description

/Psychological and legal support for Ukrainian survivors of sexual violence

October 2022 – October 2023, Ukraine in partnership with the Women Information Consultative Center

Context :

Since 24 February 2022, the armed conflict in Ukraine that began in April 2014 has intensified and hostilities have spread to most parts of the country, raising serious concerns about the protection of civilians. This conflict situation is leading to multiple sexual violence, committed against women, children and men.

The project :

Stand Speak Rise Up! is partnering with the Women Information Consultative Center to support Ukrainian survivors of conflict-related sexual violence on a national scale by providing psychological support and legal assistance.

This action project aims to empower women survivors of sexual violence from the first phase of the conflict, as well as survivors of non-conflict-related gender-based violence, to practice peer-to-peer support for survivors who have been attacked since the start of the second phase of the conflict that began in February 2022.

Women in local support throughout the country will be trained in an effort to cover as much territory as possible. Special emphasis will be placed on supporting volunteers and professionals in occupied areas and temporarily occupied territories.