Project Description

Support for the economic empowerment of 420 Survivors

Start : 2020. Territory of Kabare and city of Goma, in partnership with the Mouvement des Survivant.e.s de Viols et Violences sexuelles


In the Democratic Republic of Congo, rape has been used as a weapon of war for over 30 years. This multi-actor conflict is bogged down, leaving thousands of victims. Communities live in a permanent conflict, and women are the first victims. Their bodies are raped, beaten, mutilated and sometimes killed. Going to the fields, fetching water, going to the market… women and girls live in constant danger.

The Mouvement des Survivantes de Viols et Violences sexuelles en RDC supports the economic empowerment of Survivors in the Kivu region. The inhabitants have left their villages to find a safer place, or even to make a fresh start. For years, these Survivors have struggled for financial autonomy through agriculture and livestock breeding.

→ 420 congolese Survivors supported


This project aims to contribute to the income-generating activities of 420 survivors of rape and sexual violence by supporting them in agricultural, livestock and fish farming activities, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of their communities. The project takes place in the North and South Kivus, in the villages of Combo, Kakenge and Goma.

By offering financial autonomy to the Survivors, we enable them to take their destiny into their own hands, earn an income and live decently. It also enables the children of these Survivors, sometimes born of rape, to go to school and get an education. By contributing to the development of these territories, we are combating sexual violence against women in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Thank you to the Engie Foundation for supporting this project.