Project Description

Humanitarian food and material aid

December 2022 – today

Distribution humanitaire en Afghanistan


In Afghanistan, the humanitarian crisis of incredible proportions has become even more complex and severe since the Taliban took control in August 2021. Job losses, lack of cash and soaring prices are creating a new class of hungry people in Afghanistan. 18.9 million Afghans do not consume enough food. Food aid is therefore a real lifeline.

283 families supported in Kabul

32 families supported in Herat


Stand Speak Rise Up!’s emergency humanitarian aid project aims to provide humanitarian aid in Afghanistan to over 283 families in the Kabul region. The food baskets contain basic ingredients and heating supplies, and can feed a family for several weeks.

Most of these families were cared for by women who, having lost their jobs, can no longer provide for their loved ones. Following successive Taliban decrees, women are excluded from public life.

In addition, a series of devastating earthquakes hit the Herat region in October 2023. More than 12,000 people were affected, 90% of them women and children, due to their permanent presence in the home. Stand Speak Rise Up! immediately mobilized, launching a second emergency humanitarian aid operation in Afghanistan. Stand Speak Rise Up! also began distributing tents, blankets and food aid to over 32 families.

We would like to thank our donors, the Paris Bar Association, the Engie Foundation and the Ouicare Solidarity Fund for their support in this project.

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Chékéba Hachemi interview

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In it, she discusses the current dramatic situation for women in Afghanistan and the mobilization of Stand Speak Rise Up! through its humanitarian emergency distribution and access to maternal and child health projects.