Project Description

Soap production and marketing in the Republic of Guine

2020, Ratoma -Sonfonia, Republic of Guinea. In partnership with Groupement YETE MALI de Sonfonia.

guinée projet survivante


The Groupement YETE MALI de Sonfonia (G.Y.M.S) was founded on the initiative of vulnerable women and victims of violence, out of an awareness of the role played by these women in socio-economic and cultural development in Africa, and more specifically in Guinea. G.Y.M.S was initiated by women and men to defend the rights of women, young girls, the unemployed and other vulnerable people, in socio-economic development activities, and to combat unemployment in all its forms.

Due to the health crisis and the lack of resources of vulnerable people, foodstuffs are not reaching survivors and their communities.


This project aims to help survivors and their communities to support themselves during the Covid-19 pandemic, by producing and marketing 1,000 bars of soap a day for 2 months.