Project Description

Empowering Survivors through vocational training

2020 – 2023, Mogadiscio, Somalia. In partnership with Somali Women and Child Care Association / United Nations

Somalie projet SSRU


Somali Women and Child Care Association (SWCCA) was founded in 2012 by a group of Somali women. SWCCA activities focus on empowering Survivors of violence and girls born in wartime. The team works in selected areas of Mogadishu, with a focus on prevention and intervention.

In 2020, travel restrictions and the reduction of services linked to the Covid-19 crisis have considerably increased the risk of violence against women and girls. As a result, intimate partner violence increased. Employment opportunities were limited and the need for support was growing.

100 somalian Survivors supported


The aim of this project is to boost the self-confidence and empowering Survivors and girls born of wartime rape. On the one hand, this involves business training to open up job opportunities. Secondly, by distributing start-up kits to create micro-businesses.

This project has been supported by Stand Speak Rise Up! since 2020. In 2023, it was enriched by offering the community awareness campaigns to combat discrimination against Survivors. Stand Speak Rise Up! promotes holistic care for beneficiaries, the key to empowering Survivors.


Seynab is one of the beneficiaries of the training program. Since her training, her business has flourished. She has also become an activist and a voice for Survivors of sexual violence in her community. Seynab is an example of resilience and proof of the importance of holistic support for Survivors.

Discover Seynab story