Project Description

/Sale of solidarity products in Cactus supermarkets

produits solidaires cactus

Since 2020, Cactus supermarkets have been working alongside Stand Speak Rise Up! in a sale of solidarity products, donating part of the profits from two products to Survivors.

The SSRU – Fairtrade “Café du Coeur”

Since October 2021, Stand Speak Rise Up! has been collaborating with Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg asbl and Café Bruno de Cactus to support innovative projects in coffee production. These initiatives aim to support women farmers in Nicaragua by producing Fairtrade-certified coffee. The purchase of this coffee contributes directly to the stability and prosperity of their communities.

Bruno’s “Café du Coeur” plays a crucial role in bringing tangible benefits to local communities. The income generated helps fund several vital projects in Nicaragua, including:

  • Building a maternity center: Providing essential health care for women and children.
  • Neighborhood store: Enabling community members to buy food on credit in exchange for coffee, thus guaranteeing food security.
  • Construction of a school: Provide quality education for children and foster the long-term development of the community.
  • Specific courses for women: Promoting women’s empowerment by providing them with essential skills and knowledge.

By purchasing Bruno’s “Café du Cœur”, available in all Cactus supermarkets in Luxembourg, you are directly supporting Survivors of sexual violence. You are also helping to maintain safe, abuse-free working conditions for these courageous women.

“Les chouchous du coeur”: a gourmet solidarity product

Since March 2020, “Les Chouchous du Cœur” chocolates, made by Atelier Tricentenaire, have been on sale in all Cactus stores in Luxembourg. Profits from these chocolates support Stand Speak Rise Up! projects, contributing to our mission to combat sexual violence.

Every purchase of these solidarity products helps to fund crucial initiatives for women Survivors. By savoring our chocolates or enjoying our coffee, you’re making a concrete gesture to improve the lives of many women.
For more information on our products, visit a Cactus store. Together, let’s make a difference and support Survivors of sexual violence. Thank you for your continued support and commitment.