Project Description

/ Partnership with the Baverez Group hotels


On Thursday, May 15, 2024, Stand Speak Rise Up! and the Baverez Group Hotels announced an exceptional partnership during an event at the prestigious Hotel Regina in Paris. This collaboration aims to raise awareness among the guests of the Regina, Raphael, and Majestic hotels about Stand Speak Rise Up!’s initiatives in the fight against wartime rape. To achieve this, more than 250 rooms in these hotels will provide an informative brochure. This carefully crafted brochure presents the association’s actions, encouraging guests to engage with and actively support this noble cause.

An exceptional partnership

During the event, Véronique Beauvais-Crefcoeur, CEO of the Baverez Group Hotels, expressed her enthusiasm for this collaboration and emphasized the importance of raising awareness among an international audience through a network of prestigious hotels. This partnership marks a significant step in Stand Speak Rise Up!’s mission to combat sexual violence in times of war and provide crucial support to Survivors. By informing and engaging hotel guests, the association hopes to amplify its impact and mobilize more resources for its global projects.

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